Solar Panel Remove & Solar Reinstall

Solar Panel Remove & Solar Reinstall

Removing and reinstalling your solar system for any reason is one of the most crucial moments in the life of being a solar owner. Sadly, so many solar owners in San Antonio and Austin come to us after they had the other guys remove and reinstall their solar on the cheap. These companies with sketchy and perhaps undocumented labor (let alone licensed solar electricians) from our perspective it is easy to see how this happens. These poor solar owners usually start off by suspecting there is something wrong with their system, and the guys who did their solar reinstall are nowhere to be found. We arrive on the scene to find a catastrophe of poor workmanship that is causing the production problem and will cause future structural and safety issues. This is a very difficult situation to be in as a solar owner.

Compounding the problem, many insurance companies push their customers to find someone at “market rate.” Giving these insurance companies the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they do not understand what “market rate” actually gets you in terms of quality and safety.

Nonetheless, after a very long road these solar owners from Central and South-Central Texas come to us begging for quality help.

The truth is a solar removal and solar system reinstall for a re-roof is more complicated and involved than a regular install. For starters, you don’t just have to get the solar up there – you have to remove it and then get it back up there!

More specifically the age of your system can add to the complexity of the reinstall. If you have an older system, your railing and mounting manufacturer may no longer be in business. Hence, Solar Service would have to find new equipment that is compatible with your existing panels that won’t negate your solar panel manufacturer warranty. Along the same lines, flashings are not reusable, so again we would have to find a matching pair from quality brands currently in production.

One of the other challenges for a solar removal and reinstall is identifying and reproducing the peculiarities of the original install. Perhaps surprisingly to some solar owners and regulators, many installs we find ourselves working on are not installed exactly to the original plans. The install team for one reason or another had to find a way to make this solar system work on this roof. An untrained and unexperienced eye would miss such craftsmen tricks and would not be able to find a better way during the reinstall or at least understand and reproduce the solution if necessary. Missing such realities can cause huge problems for solar owners down the line!

For example, our customer Andrew F. had his solar removed and reinstalled by the “market rate” guys and had been having issues ever since. We determined that the “market rate” guys had actually reinstalled his 4 string system back as a 3 string system at his inverter. What does that mean? It means they were overloading his inverter and causing his system to shut down constantly potentially causing significant long term damage to all the components in his system but especially his inverter.

We could go on and on with a hundred war stories from the carnage we see everyday, but I hope these few examples are helpful in seeing how important it is to have an experienced and skilled solar repair and maintenance company handle this important project for you. This is your energy production and your roof – few things are more important than that when it comes to a home.

Lastly, keep in mind that all solar companies are not equal. Solar sales and installation companies specialize in just that: selling and installing. Remove and reinstalls are more of a custom project job better suited for electricians and managers that look at different systems all day everyday. There are many solar installers that do great work in San Antonio and Austin, but they might only do great work with this manufacturer brand or that one. Understanding how to look at all brands and find a systematic approach to consistently deliver quality solar removal and reinstall work is something Solar Service is proud to claim.

Lastly, these projects are important for you the solar owner in terms of time. When your roof is damaged, the last thing you want as a solar owner is to have to wait for a solar install company to find time to peel away one of their install teams from new installs so they can squeeze you into their schedule. Your solar removal and reinstall project is not something Solar Service does on the side to make ends meet when sales slowdown. This is what we do everyday all day, and we have the teams and the resources to get to you this week.

We hope this has been helpful and we look forward to serving all of you central Texas solar owners in your solar remove and reinstall projects for decades to come. After all, we’re here to keep your solar running for the long haul.