Solar System Inspection

Solar System Inspection

Unsure if your solar system is working or under-producing? This is the service for you. A full solar system analysis including production verification, safety compliance, and structural integrity will be conducted and delivered to you in a report.

So often we get calls from solar owners stating that they think there solar is underproducing or not working at all. And sadly, due to the fact that these solar owner’s installers never offered them solar monitoring, they have no way to check their systems themselves. Thankfully though, Solar Service can help in these situations.

During a quick site visit, Solar Service can verify system production and safe operation. If your solar system is not working properly, we will then begin to troubleshoot for the underlying issue.

An interesting note is relevant here: Have you ever had someone troubleshoot your solar system and blame it on the inverter only to have the system stop working again? If so, your inverter probably isn’t the problem! The problem is probably an electrical one somewhere in your system that is causing your inverter to go into whatever fault mode. If someone just keeps blaming and swapping your inverter out, they probably don’t know what they’re doing or are being lazy (because the real issue might be on the roof).

Solar Service will find the root issue through site inspections and begin taking steps to remediate the problem. Sometimes we can solve the issue right then and there with a part off a truck. Sometimes, you do need a new part from your manufacturer and they are willing to send you one under your warranty. If the ladder is the case, Solar Service will handle all logistical coordination with your manufacturer and return to install your new part when it arrives.

If larger repairs are needed to get your system up and running again (extensive critter damage to wires, large scale microinverter failure, etc), Solar Service will put together an estimate for the repair project and talk it over with you. You, the solar home owner,  are in control the entire time.

All Solar System inspections come with a full report in PDF format of everything your electrician found, did, and his recommendations for further action. This report is delivered to you in the same email as your invoice, so you know exactly what you paid for.

Solar System inspections are a great way to put the power back in your hands when it comes to your solar system. An honest 3rd party peak into your solar system can reveal a lot and will only empower you to make the best decisions about how to take care of your solar investment for the long haul.