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Solar Service: Austin’s Solar Maintenance and Cleaning Experts

We take care of solar owners for the long haul. We are the only Texas solar company that focuses primarily on maintenance. Our success is not determined by how many home owners we sell on the vision and dream of solar. Our success is determined by how many of our customers actually get their solar to come through for them.

Here’s some more reasons you might need to clean your panels.

  • Panels installed at a flat angle can build-up quickly in dirt and dust
  • Your panels haven’t been cleaned in 12 months (we recommend yearly cleanings to all our customers!)
  • Air pollution and and dust
  • Centralized Inverter

Why Clean Your Solar Panels

Keeping your solar panels clean is absolutely vital to making sure your investment in your solar system works to it’s highest efficiency. Often we can see improvements of up to 40% in efficiency with solar panel cleaning from consumer clients and up to 60% on commercial or industrial sites where a panel where dust, bird droppings, or other build-up over time can limit the ability for the sunlight to reach your panels and operate at their absolute best.

Rain is also not always a solution for clean panels, if the rain is lighter or doesn’t remove all the dust, dirt, and pollen it might actually build it up more into mud. Pollen is especially bad in the Austin and hill country area which can put a damper on your return on your investment in solar panels.

Need Reviews? We Have Them – Our Name is Trusted With Solar

I’m taking a moment to express my appreciation for the outstanding service that I received from Solar Service. They were recommended to me by family members. I contacted Mr. Brian Rodriguez and he scheduled an appointment for me with two of his technicians, Ben and Sergio. They performed a thorough inspection of my solar system, verbally briefed me on their findings and stated that they would follow up with a written invoice with recommendations of what would need to be done to optimize my system. Ben and Sergio were friendly and professional and I highly recommend Solar Service for your solar needs.
Lee A Royster Jr
Lee A Royster Jr
21:20 04 Feb 19
They did a great job, explaining everything to me, and the report was accurated and easy to understand, I will highly recommend them.
Daniel Mendoza
Daniel Mendoza
19:05 12 Jan 19
The service techs were professional,courteous,and knowledgeable about our system and the job they were here to do.
Randy Chamberlain
Randy Chamberlain
17:52 10 Jan 19
Got back to us right away despite it being during the holidays. Great service!
02:29 04 Jan 19
This company was outstanding and took care of Business the right way, they say what they do and did what they said, very professional
19:09 15 Dec 18
Excellent work and people. They solved a complicated problem to get my system up and running. Solar Service are the good folks who do the work the right way.
Kyle Spikes
Kyle Spikes
00:26 29 Nov 18
Excellent care with great results. Very professional and punctual. Considering advertising in my yard and a membership.
Rodolfo Barrera
Rodolfo Barrera
20:14 28 Oct 18
It has been a long time since I experienced service like this company provided. They showed up on time, assessed the problem I had, repaired it in short order and charged me a reasonable rate for their time. I could not be happier. I certainly will keep them at the top of my list of companies that I will call for future service of my solar system..
Ray Garner
Ray Garner
13:15 11 Jun 18
I just had a technician, David, from Solar Service deal with a monitoring problem I was having with my solar installation. He reviewed my entire system and contacted the monitoring company and resolved the issue. Solar Service responded quickly and professionally, not like the company that installed my panels. They didn't even return my calls.
Ron Stockdreher
Ron Stockdreher
18:49 05 Jun 18
Very happy with the remove and reinstall. Solar Service was quick to respond, and had a crew out the next day to get all the solar panels off the roof. The crew was professional and worked quickly, and the solar panels were back up and running the next week. It is easy to recommend them for solar related maintenance. Thank you for the good work!
Alex Gersib
Alex Gersib
00:05 07 Apr 18
Wasn't sure if my solar was working and my original installer went out of business. Solar Service diagnosed my problem, handled my equipment replacement warranty application with my manufacturer, and repaired my system within a week! I also ended up signing up for one of their service packages. Highly recommend.
Michael Mustard
Michael Mustard
14:38 30 Mar 18
I wasn't sure if my panels were producing like they were when they were installed so I called Solar Service. They responded promptly and were at my house the very next day. They found issues that my original installer could not find and fixed them the same day! I would recommend Solar Service to any solar owner in the area if you think you could be having issues with your system.
Harrison Moats
Harrison Moats
22:43 29 Jan 18

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If you’re reading this, then that means you made the wonderful decision of installing a solar panel system for your home. That’s amazing! However, certain factors like continuous maintenance can make owning a solar panel system more of a hassle than an actual benefit, especially if you don’t have anyone to help you.

In Austin, Texas, we know that there aren’t a lot of solar panel companies who are going to answer your call when you need maintenance. That’s why at Solar Service, we take pride in providing the best solar panel maintenance in Austin, Texas.

Whenever you need us, we’re always here to help. Whether you need help monitoring the efficiency of your solar panel system or if you need to remove any pests from your system, the team at Solar Service is just one call away.

Continue reading below to learn more about our amazing maintenance services.

We Remove All Critters

While your solar panel system may be used to help you save more money in monthly energy costs, outdoor pests may use your solar panels as a nest or a hiding spot. These critters can chew through wires that could malfunction when exposed to water or even start a fire.

No matter if you have a family of birds or a raccoon living near your solar panels, our team will safely extract the pest without harming it, leaving your solar panel system operating at maximum efficiency.

We Replace Warranty Parts

Even if you have a warranty, you can never have any peace of mind if one of the parts to your solar panel system stops working. Unless you are a licensed professional, replacing and installing a broken part can be impossible without breaking the entire system.

Fortunately, all you have to do is give us a call and we’ll come over, order the replacement part, and install it for you. As the #1 provider of solar panel maintenance in Austin, we take pride in taking care of our customers for the long haul.

We Fix Solar Shade Issues

There are so many factors that can produce shading near your solar panel system. Shading can cause a significant reduction in production for your solar panel system, oftentimes up to as much as 60%. This loss in production could cost you several thousands of dollars per year in energy costs.

If you are dealing with a shading issue, then we’d love to help. Give us a call today to provide us with more information about what’s bothering your system and we’ll get to work.

We Provide Inspection

Are you worried that your solar panel system isn’t working as well it should? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. At Solar Service, we will provide a full solar system analysis to determine if your system is underachieving or not.

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Do you need effective solar panel maintenance in Austin? If so, we’re here to help! We’re just one call away from visiting your home or place of business to diagnose and fix your solar system issue.

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